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Submit Manuscript

All manuscript must be submitted online. Click to submit manuscript.

Before your submission, please make sure to read the "
Information for Authors" and check your manuscript for
items listed below. Manuscript that is not prepared properly may be delayed for processing and even rejected
without formal review.

Check List before submission

1. Title must be concise and normally not longer than two-typed lines at size of 12 points;
2. Author Names have to be in Standard English format such as: John F Smith, Da-Ming Wang;
3. Author affiliations have to be numbered in superscript (See
Sample Manuscript for detail);
4. Corresponding author and contact information is properly provided;
5. Short Running Title is provided;
6. Acknowledgment including funding information, Declaration of conflict of interest, if any is provided;
7. Abstract is included;
8. Keywords are included;
9. All tables, if any are created with Word "Insert Table" function and provided in Word fie;
10. All figures are provided in high quality tiff and included at the end of the manuscript. The text in all figures are
in Arial font;
11. All tables and figures, if any are mentioned in the main text in the order;
12. References have been formatted to AJNMMI’s style using EndNote or RefMan Output Style.

Please download the reference output style from the link below if you are using EndNote or Reference Manager:

AJNMMI Reference Output Style for
EndNote: AJNMMI EndNote

AJNMMI Reference Output Style for Reference Manager: AJNMMI_RefMan

Proofreading: You will receive a PDF of your paper for proofreading usually 1-2 weeks before publication. Please
use the Adobe Acrobat StickyNotes to mark errors (
Sample proof with StickyNotes), if any on the PDF proof
directly. If Adobe Acrobat is not available, please use Word file for proof correction (
Sample proof in Word file).

All manuscripts must be submitted online. Click to
submit your manuscript. Please contact us at editorial@AJNMMI.
us for any question.