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Volume 5, Number 2:96-219;2015
American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Reza Vali, Wolfgang Loidl, Christian Pirich, Werner Langesteger, Mohsen Beheshti: Imaging of prostate cancer with PET/CT using 18F-Fluorocholine. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):96-108. (Full text, PDF).

Irina Velikyan, Thomas N Bulenga, Ramkumar Selvaraju, Mark Lubberink, Daniel Espes, Ulrika Rosenström, Olof Eriksson: Dosimetry of [177Lu]-DO3A-VS-Cys40-Exendin-4 – impact on the feasibility of insulinoma internal radiotherapy. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):109-126. (Full text, PDF).

Christos Sachpekidis, Christian Thieke, Vasileios Askoxylakis, Nils H Nicolay, Peter E Huber, Michael Thomas, Georgia Dimitrakopoulou, Juergen Debus, Uwe Haberkorn, Antonia Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss: Combined use of 18F-FDG and 18F-FMISO in unresectable non-small cell lung cancer patients planned for radiotherapy: a dynamic PET/CT study. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):127-142. (Full text, PDF).

Heling Zhou, Rami R Hallac, Ramona Lopez, Rebecca Denney, Matthew T MacDonough, Li Li, Li Liu, Edward E Graves, Mary Lynn Trawick, Kevin G Pinney, Ralph P Mason: Evaluation of tumor ischemia in response to an indole-based vascular disrupting agent using BLI and 19F MRI. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):143-153. (Full text, PDF).

Yukako Ichimiya, Krishna Alluri, Charles Marcus, Simon Best, Christine H Chung, Rathan M Subramaniam: Imaging modality utilization trends in patients with stage III-IV oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):154-161. (Full text, PDF).

Saima Muzahir, Robert Jeraj, Glenn Liu, Lance T Hall, Alejandro Munoz Del Rio, Timothy Perk, Christine Jaskowiak, Scott B Perlman: Differentiation of metastatic vs degenerative joint disease using semi-quantitative analysis with 18F-NaF PET/CT in castrate resistant prostate cancer patients. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):162-168. (Full text, PDF).

Ole L Nielsen, Pia Afzelius, Dirk Bender, Henrik C Schønheyder, Páll S Leifsson, Karin M Nielsen, Jytte O Larsen, Svend B Jensen, Aage KO Alstrup: Comparison of autologous 111In-leukocytes, 18F-FDG, 11C-methionine, 11C-PK11195 and 68Ga-citrate for diagnostic nuclear imaging in a juvenile porcine haematogenous staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis model. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):169-182. (Full text, PDF).

Oke Gerke, Mads H Poulsen, Poul Flemming Høilund-Carlsen: Added value of cost-utility analysis in simple diagnostic studies of accuracy: 18F-fluoromethylcholine PET/CT in prostate cancer staging. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):183-194. (Full text, PDF).

Kenneth J Nichols, Gene G Tronco, Christopher J Palestro: Effect of reconstruction algorithms on the accuracy of 99mTc sestamibi SPECT/CT parathyroid imaging. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):195-203. (Full text, PDF).

Akira Toriihara, Yoshio Kitazume, Hidenori Nishida, Kazunori Kubota, Masashi Nakadate, Ukihide Tateishi: Comparison of FDG-PET/CT images between chronic renal failure patients on hemodialysis and controls. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):204-211. (Full text, PDF).

Editorial: Editorial Board of American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Am J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2015;5(2):212-219. (Full text, PDF).